Here I provide all the articles that are on this site and a quick summary to make it easy to find what will interest you.


How Futsal Can Compete In The Digital Age (Apr ’17) – How futsal needs to evolve to grow and end the obsessiion with football

No.1 Futsal Warm Up Exercise (Jan ’17) – A game used by top teams to begin a training session

2016 Review (Jan ’17) – A look back on my year in futsal

10 Reflections on the Futsal World Cup (Oct ’16)- My analysis on the championships and the trends it highlighted

Signing for Futsal Dinamo (Aug ’16) – A look at my transfer to Croatia’s biggest club

Premier Futsal In India & Across The World (Aug ’16) – Behind the scenes of a tournament that took the world by storm

Luis Amado – The Greatest of All Time (Jul ’16) – Is the Spanish goalkeeper the best to ever have played the game?

The Toe Punt Analysed (‘Jun 16) – A detailed investigation into this shooting technique

Futsal Taking Off in the USA (Jun ’16) – What I learned from my month working on futsal projects in USA

Cruyff & Futsal (Apr ’16) – How did futsal influence this legend & FC Barcelona
Could You Have Your Own Futsal Facility? (Mar ’16) – Some ideas on how you can build your own venue at a lower cost

UEFA Futsal EURO 2016 Review (Feb ’16) – A look back on the European Championship tournament

UEFA Futsal EURO 2016 Preview (Jan ’16) – Some details & predictions on the European Championships

Basketball & Futsal (Dec ’15) – An analysis on how the tactics of these two sports compare

The Evolution of Futsal (Oct ’15) – An analysis on how futsal tactics have changed over the years

An Approach to Futsal Success (Aug ’15) – Looking how Spain became one of the world’s futsal powerhouses

2014-2015 Season Reflection (Jul ’15) – Detailing my last season with Baku United

Futsal Events You Can’t Miss in Summer 2015 (May ’15) – My recommended futsal events that you should check out

Another Review of the Fly Goalkeeper (Apr ’15) – Expanding my previous analysis on the use of the fly gk

Futsal – Past, Present & Future (Apr ’15) – A comprehensive report on the history of futsal

The People Futsal Has Neglected (Jan ’15) – Investigating the women’s game

World Futsal Cup (Jan ’15) – My experience at this premier youth tournament

When Will Futsal Be In The Olympics? (Dec ’15) – Looking into the factors affecting futsal possible inclusion in the Olympics

Improving Player Development (Oct ’14) – Providing information on how we enhance players’ abilities

What Football Can Learn From Futsal Tactics (Jul ’14) – What concepts in futsal could be applied successfully in the 11-a-side game.

Summer Youth Training Camp in Croatia (Jul ’14) – My experience coaching in Croatia during the summer.

The Spell Checker of Players (Jun ’14) – Guest post by former Spain Captain Julio Garcia Mera

Double Winners!! (Jun ’14) – My experience winning the English league & cup

The Problem of Fly Goalkeeper (Jun ’14) – How the fly gk is affecting futsal & suggested rule changes

Star Interview: Jose Venancio Lopez (May ’14) – I speak with the Spanish National Coach

My Commentary Debut (May ’14) – Detailing my experience working for Eurosport

UEFA Futsal Cup 2013/2014 Final Four Preview (Apr ’14) – Detailing the teams & stats for the European Cup.-

The Numbers Behind Futsal’s Unstoppable Growth (Apr ’14) – Looking at the stats showing how futsal is developing

Futsal EURO 2014: Ukraine Analysis (Mar ’14) – A detailed review of Ukraine from the European Championships

Insight Into The England National Futsal Team (Feb ’14) – I explain what it is like to play for England

A Review of Futsal EURO 2014 (Feb ’14) – My analysis of the 2014 European Championships

My UEFA Futsal EURO 2014 Preview (Jan ’14) – My predictions & info on European Championships

Where Is The Next Futsal Superstar? (Jan ’14) – I look at the next generation of futsal players

Opportunities in Futsal (Nov ’13) – What can futsal offer those that get involved in the sport?

Players I Admire (Sep ’13) – I highlight my favourite players

Baku United 2013/2014 (Sep ’13) – On my decision to sign for English side Baku United

An Opinion On Foreign Player Restrictions (Aug ’13) – My opinion on whether restricting foreign players is a good idea

Mini Club World Cup in Kuwait (Aug ’13) – My experience at this prestigous tournament

My Futsal Adventure to Brazil (Jul ’13) – My 1 month trip to train with a top Brazilian side

Futsal Coaching Clinic in Milan (Jul ’13) – My experience translating at a coaching clinic in Italy

Star Interview: Lenisio Teixeira (Jun ’13)- I speak to one of the greatest players in the history of the game

The Art Of Futsal – Part 2 (Jun ’13) – Part 2 looking into how futsal players should be trained

The Art Of Futsal – Part 1 (Jun ’13) – What type of players do we need to produce for futsal

To The Home Of Futsal – Brazil (May ’13) – Previewing my trip to train with a top Brazilian side

The Business Of Futsal – Part 2 (May ’13) – Part 2 looking at how clubs can improve their finances

The Business of Futsal – Part 1 (May ’13) – I look at the strategic approach needed in futsal

Futsal in Serbia (May ’13) – Reviewing my time playing in Serbia

UEFA Futsal Cup Finals 2012/13 Brief Preview – Short preview of European Cup finals

5 Rule Changes For Futsal (Apr ’14) – My suggestions for rules that would improve futsal

Do Futsal & Football Need Each Other? (Apr ’14) – I investigate the relationship between the two sports

Four6Zero Formation Rooted in Futsal (Apr ’13) – I look at how the football formation 4-6-0 resembles 4-0 in futsal