Five years ago today I launched this blog with the first post. Since then I’ve published more than 60 articles covering a wide range of topics related to futsal.

The idea to create a blog came after I couldn’t find anywhere, whether in English or Spanish, providing analysis on the sport to feed my obsession with the game and appetite for more knowledge.

The only thing to read online were match reports. I felt the limitation in materials was an omission in the promotion of the sport as finding out more about an interest helps convert it into a deeper passion.

If I couldn’t read about the sport, I decided I would instead use this time to write about it and contribute to addressing the lack of information and content. I have read a similar motivation led to the creation of renowned portal FutsalPlanet ,by pioneer Mico Martic back in 1997, which has been a key resource for futsal fans.

To produce the articles, I research as well as use my experiences to discuss any topic on futsal that I find interesting and feel could be of interest to others in our community. The subjects covered have included ideas on how to develop the sport, coaching and tactics, interviews with legends of the game and analysis of major championships.

Before publishing my thoughts, I research the ideas behind them to try to ensure they are well-reasoned. I have gratefully received comments and feedback from people all over the world giving me other perspectives and contrasting opinions to consider. This has helped me personally to enhance my knowledge on the sport as well as shape and better inform my opinions.

When I come across my past articles I usually feel they could have been done better. However, I would say there is one I find I am reasonably content with when I read it back. It was entitled “Futsal – Past, Present & Future”.

It is a comprehensive global history of the sport, using research from multiple sources and reaching over 6000 words. I am not aware of anything similar so hope it provides a useful resource for people who want to find out more about futsal’s journey to where it is today.

futsal birthplace

Birthplace of Futsal in Montevideo, Uruguay

The intention behind the blog is to provide an enjoyable read, a resource for finding out more about our amazing sport and provide new perspectives or to be thought provoking. It has been very rewarding to find out people have used articles for their university dissertations, to educate coaches, promote the game within organisations and even support someone’s case for obtaining a visa!

The challenge is always to find the time to write but I have numerous topics and ideas that I would like to write about in the future. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read the posts, shared them and given their opinions and comments (equally whether they were positive or critical!).

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