Here I will provide links for watching futsal online. It is possible to watch many high level games each week. **All Times are UK**

Regular/Weekly Links Below


Every game in Spain can usually be watched either via direct or tv streaming.

Each week 4 or 5 games are streamed directly at The games usually take place on Fridays and Saturdays. If you go to the website and click “Progamación” you will find the schedule. Games can also be watched at any time afterwards by clicking the link “A la carta”.

All the other games will usually be shown on TV.

Usually one is shown on Spanish TV channel TeleDeporte on Saturdays at 12.00UK and one on Friday nights on Spanish Eurosport 2. Barcelona´s home games are often shown on channel Esport3. Links for these two can be found in the paragraph below. El Pozo’s & Jumilla’s home games are often on TV channel which you can watch by cliciking here.

Links for Teledeporte and Esport3 can often be found on RojaDirecta (I have put some direct links for TeleDeporte below) but you can also watch on the TV Channel´s own websites if you are in Spain or you change your IP to a Spanish one. A free program that allows you to change your IP is CyberGhost.

Eurosport 2 links can be found by putting “Eurosport 2 Espana” in a search engine and trying a few links.

Many games are streamed through Zona Tecnica Facebook Page so just go to their page at the time of the game or choose to get notifications when they are live streaming.

Teledeporte Links
Here, here, here, Brazilian channel here or here directly on TeleDeporte* (These links regularly change. To find more search “Teledeporte Directo” in a search engine)

To find schedules go here or to the Spanish League Website

Link & SchedDELETE8ule
Russian futsal can be watched here at league website and there are usually around 5 games streamed per week.

The link is the calendar for Russian fixtures and you can watch the games directly at the same location. If you click on the relevant date in the right hand column you will see the games that are live will have a LIVE logo next to them. Click these to watch. The times are +3hr GMT.

You can also watch some past games by going to previous dates in the schedule.

You can watch games shown on Brazilian broadcaster SporTV here (selecting SporTV1 or 2) or here or here. If these don’t work then search “SporTV ao vivo” in Google to find other links. Some games are on ESPN Brazil here.

You can find the schedule of televised games here by scrolling down and looking in the box ‘Na Telinha’.

DELETE10Usually 2 games are shown on Italian TV channel Rai Sport. You can watch on the Rai Sport website but you need to be in Italy or have an Italian IP to watch. A free program that allows you to change your IP is CyberGhost. To find out the schedule for televised games can be found on the league website DivisioneCalcioa5 and scrolling down to see the column on the right hand side titled “Il Calcio A 5 In TV”.

Other games
Above you can find games from the world’s top 4 leagues. There are many games shown from other leagues and competitions. I recommend that you like on Facebook or follow @LucaFutsal on Twitter as both often provide streaming link.

Highlights is updated with highlight videos of games from leagues across the world.