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Here is a collection of articles I have written and interviews I have done for other websites.


Article on Barcelona’s new star signing (April 2015)
Article on Campagin for Women’s World Cup (February 2015)
Article on Futsal Dinamo in Croatia (October 2014)
Interview with Croatian Fitness Coach Alan Sinovcic (July 2014)
Exclusive Interview with England Team Doctor (FutsalPlanet November 2013)
A Tribute to Kike Boned (FutsalPlanet November 2013)
Preview of the Brazilian Liga Futsal 2013 Final (November 2013)
An interview with Qatar coach Miki (October 2013)
Interview with Pablo Prieto (FutsalPlanet Sept 2013)
Interview with Jose Maria Pazos ‘Pulpis’ (FutsalPlanet July 2013)
Interview with Santi Valladares (FutsalPlanet July 2013)
Interview with Hossein Shams (FutsalPlanet July 2013)
Article on 2013 LNFS Awards (FutsalPlanet July 2013)
Article on demise of Caja Segovia (FutsalPlanet July 2013)
Article on Spanish futsal documentaty ‘Hacer Acontecer’ (FutsalPlanet December 2012)


The Guardian (December 2015)
Manchester Futsal (March 2015)
UEFA.com (January 2015)
UEFA.com (November 2014)
TheFA,com (November 2013)
UEFA.com (September 2013)
FutsalFocus (January 2013)
FutsalFocus (December 2012)
FutsalWorld Pg15 (May 2012)
Results Based Business (March 2012)
FutsalFever Pg68 (February 2010)
LNFS *Spanish (October 2009) *English

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