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My name is Doug Reed and I am a professional futsal player from England.Doug Reed Futsal Player

My career has taken me to Spain, Cyprus, Serbia and I am currently playing in Croatia for the second time. At international level I have respresented the England National Futsal Team since 2008. Futsal is not only my profession but also my passion. I enjoy being involved in the sport on many different levels. I have coached, written, commentated on the game in my spare time as well as being involved organsing futsal events across the world.

In this blog I will share this love for futsal and provide insights from someone inside the game. I will post entries with my opinions on a variety of topics including youth development, coaching, personal experiences etc. As long as it is related to futsal it could be here!

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and appreciate any comments and feedback.

Facebook: Doug Reed
Instagram: DougReedFutsal
YouTube: DougReedFutsal 
Email: info@DougReedFutsal.com

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